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Upgrade Your Office with These Glass Projects

By February 18, 2021 February 24th, 2021 No Comments

A modern, seamless office shows your clients, visitors and employees that you keep up with trends and want to offer a clean, welcoming environment for work. However, planning an office move, or remodeling an office you already own or lease can be costly, and will displace your employees, meaning you may have to set them up to work remotely if you don’t already have the capabilities. If you don’t have the time or funds, choosing a few small upgrades can make all of the difference – like replacing the flooring, or getting new office furniture. Small renovations, like adding glass to create an open, inviting atmosphere, can also help modernize your office.

Check out these popular office glass upgrades:


Allow natural light to flow more freely, and give your office and open-plan feel, without sacrificing sound privacy by adding glass walls to individual offices and conference rooms. Glass walls or partitions are a great way to change the layout and feel of a space without the complexities that come with adding new walls.

Chair Mats

Tired of seeing cracked, unsightly plastic chair mats under your employee’s desks? Or maybe you’ve decided to upgrade your flooring and want to protect it from the damage a rolling chair can cause. Glass chair mats look more modern, protect your floors and are more environmentally friendly than plastic options. They also surprisingly affordable!


Did you know that glass makes a great whiteboard? Because glass can be custom cut to any size, it’s the perfect choice for any office, no matter how big or small. Plus, it doesn’t become stained or tinted from repeated use like a standard white board does against dry erase markers.


Glass railings along your stairwells, or in outdoor common spaces can bring a modern look to existing architecture. When fabricated and installed correctly, glass is amazingly sturdy, durable and long-lasting. It doesn’t fade, is easy to clean and creates light, open spaces while still meeting barrier and safety needs.

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