Types of Shower Enclosures

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So, you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, and have decided to replace your bathtub, bathtub-shower combination or regular shower with an enclosure. Shower enclosures are a great way to make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter, and give you more space for a spa-like experience. Glass walls make shower enclosures easier to clean than curtains, and can add value to your home. But not all shower enclosures are the same! Here are a few variations to consider when planning your renovation:

Framed Vs Framless

A framed shower is exactly what it sounds like – the glass panels that make up the walls and doors of the shower are framed by metal pieces. They will typically cost less than a frameless shower design, but may have thinner glass and be more difficult to repair. However, a frameless shower can transform your bathroom instantly, making it appear more modern and seamless. The frameless style creates a more spa-like atmosphere.


Most free-standing showers have curbs to prevent water from exiting the shower and covering your bathroom floor, especially if your shower has curtains. With the right drainage and shower glass, going curbless can make your bathroom feel like one big room, especially if the tiles match throughout. Curbless showers do require more space to ensure the water stays inside the shower frame, so smaller bathrooms may benefit more from keeping a curb. 


With a glass shower enclosure, the entire shower is visible at all times. This means that the hardware you choose – showerheards, door handles, etc – can make or break the look. Choose a material that matches the rest of your bathroom, and will be easy to keep clean and shiny. 

Once you made your decision about frames, curbs and hardware, all you need is the glass and expert installation! The True View Windows & Glass team are your local shower glass experts in Phoenix and Denver. Give us a call today or use our online form for a free quote! 

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