Three Top Choices for Over the Sink Windows

Whether you’re a gourmet chef or heat up most of your meals in the microwave, you probably spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink washing dishes. While doing the dishes is a mundane job, it can be made better with a window! A window above the sink provides an opportunity to get a glimpse of nature, while also helping to increase ventilation and natural light in your kitchen. There are many different types of windows that can be used over the sink:

Casement windows are like awning windows except instead of opening from the bottom, they open outward from the left or the right. Cranks on the bottom of the frame are used to easily open casement windows. Casement windows offer more ventilation than awning windows, which can be helpful as smoke and steam from cooking rises in the kitchen.

Windows that slide open from the bottom or the top are known as double-hung windows. With multiple options for opening, these windows are ideal for air circulation. A double-hung window is a popular alternative in cases where an awning or casement window would interfere with outdoor space (such as on a deck or patio).

With a full frame that moves left or right, sliding windows offer great ventilation for kitchens, especially those that can open from both sides. Without a sash in the middle of the glass, these windows provide unobstructed views of the outdoors. They are also easy to clean, a major plus in the kitchen.

If you’re ready to change up the window over your sink, True View is here to help. Our window experts can assist you in finding a window so perfect for your kitchen you may find yourself actually wanting to do the dishes! For more information, contact your local True View location.

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