Seven Ways to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light is a sought-after feature in a home. An abundance of natural light can make your home seem open and airy, while also improving your mood. What’s more, homes that receive a lot of natural light are very desirable and have the potential to sell for top dollar. If your home is lacking in the natural light department, there are several ways you can make your home brighter.

  1. Increase your window size. The best way to let in more natural light is to expand the size of your windows. You can extend upwards and add transom windows or increase the width of your current windows. Bay and bow windows are also popular choices to let in more natural light.
  1. Use light paint colors. Remember back to what you learned in art class: dark colors absorb light, while light colors reflect it. You can make your home seem brighter by choosing light paint colors for your walls and ceilings.
  1. Add skylights or solar tubes. If your walls can’t accommodate bigger windows, consider adding skylights or solar tubes to your home. Skylights, which are cut directly into your roof, are the ultimate way to let light shine directly into your home. Solar tubes are reflective tubes that run from a room’s ceiling through the walls and up to the roof. This allows light to enter through the ceiling even if they aren’t on the top level of the home.
  1. Trim your trees. A simple solution for more light into your home is to trim your trees. By cutting back branches that block windows you will let in a lot more natural light. For a drastic difference, consider cutting down trees that prevent natural light from entering the home.
  1. Install glass doors. If one room in your house receives lot of natural light, share the love with the other rooms by replacing solid doors with glass doors. This will allow the light to shine through to darker parts of the house.
  1. Choose lighter window coverings. To increase the amount of light that enters your house ditch heavy drapes and replace them with sheer curtains or blinds. Avoid plantation shutters or roman shades which can reduce the amount of sunlight in your home.
  1. Strategically position mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to “cheat” natural light. By positioning them across from windows you can reflect light into other parts of your home. Customized mirrors are a great option to take advantage of the light in just the right places.

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