Replace or Repair? What to Do When Window Issues Arise

You want your commercial building to look its best, and the windows of the building play a major role in its outward appearance. Of course, windows also play an integral role in keeping your building safe and comfortable. If you notice an issue with your windows—cracking, condensation, draftiness, or rotted frames—you’ll want to take steps to fix it. The big question is whether you should replace or repair the window. Here’s how to decide:

Determine What Caused the Damage
Once you’ve identified a window that has an issue, it’s important to figure out why it happened. Did severe weather damage the window? Did an intruder try to break into your building? Is it simply old age that is causing problems? If the window damage was caused by a one-off event, a repair may be suitable, but if the damage is the result of wear and tear over time, a new window may be the best option.

Repair Minor Issues
Dents or damage to the glass, cracked caulking, and hard-to-open windows fall into the category of minor window issues. Many times, these problems can be repaired with the help of a window professional.

Major Issues = Time to Replace
When a window cannot effectively be repaired, a replacement is warranted. Foggy glass, broken seals, and draftiness are some of the most common reasons why windows should be replaced. If more than one window has problems, you may want to consider replacing all of the windows in your building.

Other Considerations
Commercial building owners should consider the age and condition of the windows. If the window is near the end of its expected lifetime, it may be more beneficial to replace it rather than repair it. Additionally, if the building currently has a low-quality window, it may be worthwhile to replace it with a higher quality window. Building owners should also consider cost; in some cases the cost to repair a window may actually be more than the cost of a replacement.

Keep Up with Recommended Maintenance
Whether you repair or replace the windows in your commercial building, make sure that you maintain them properly. Windows should be cleaned regularly, glass inspected for cracks, frames checked for structural issues, and weatherproofing installed around the window as needed. Performing these regular maintenance to-dos will help extend the life of your windows and make them less susceptible to future damage.

It’s important to address window issues quickly so that they don’t turn into bigger problems. If the windows in your apartment complex, storefront, or high-rise building are damaged, contact True View today. Our window professionals can help you assess the extent of the damage and provide guidance as to whether a repair or replacement is the best option.


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