Protect Your Windows from Holiday Decorations

The Christmas season is right around the corner and soon the entire neighborhood will be lit up with holiday lights and decorations. Hanging lights can be a tricky endeavor; the lights need to be hung safely and securely without damaging your home. If you plan on hanging Christmas lights from your windows this holiday season, take care to protect the windows from potential damage.

Hang window decorations with suction cups. If you plan to hang wreaths, snowflakes, or other decorations to your windows, use hooks attached to suction cups. These cups won’t damage the glass on the window and can be reused for multiple years. Be sure to purchase the right type of suction cup hooks for your decorations, as some can hold more weight than others.

Avoid putting holes in window frames. When hanging lights on the exterior of your home, do not use screws, tacks, staples, or nails on the window framing. This can compromise the integrity of the frame and can damage the paint. Instead, choose outdoor hooks that can be attached to the window, gutters, or siding, to hang lights. You can also use hot glue to attach decorations to the exterior of the home; it forms a secure bond but does not cause damage when it’s peeled off the window.

Don’t run lights through windows. While it may seem easier to plug in Christmas lights indoors and run them through a window to decorate the exterior of your house, it’s not a good idea. The pressure from the window can pinch the cord and fray the wires, which is a fire hazard. Forcing the window to close over a cord can also cause damage to the window.

Use exterior and interior lights in the right place. There are three types of Christmas lights: those approved for indoor use, outdoor use, and both. While outdoor lights are built to stand up to cold temperatures and moisture, indoor lights undergo additional fire hazard testing. If you’re hanging lights on your windows, be sure to use indoor or outdoor lighting as appropriate.

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