Prevent Commercial Window Problems with Regular Care and Cleaning

Regular care and cleaning of commercial windows is essential for business owners. It not only ensures a clean aesthetic for your building but also provides an opportunity to inspect the windows for problems that may require repair or replacement. The professionals at True View can help you to address these issues before more damage is done.

How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

At the very least, windows should be cleaned internally and externally twice a year to remove buildup from outdoor elements such as pollen, air pollution, dirt, and dust. This also provides an opportunity to inspect the windows for any glass or frame problems. In between professional washings, windows can be cleaned with a glass cleaner as needed.

Do Certain Buildings Need More Frequent Cleaning?

Your building may require more frequent window washing depending on its design, location, and environment. For example, a building that is close to a highway will be subject to more car exhaust than one in a more remote area and will likely need to be cleaned more often. A restaurant or shop may also prefer more frequent cleanings to provide a clean appearance for passersby. And if your building is in a place that receives all of Mother Nature’s gifts (snow, hail, ice, wind), you’ll probably need to clean your windows more often as well.

What Types of Problems Can Be Identified During a Window Cleaning?

Professional window cleaners are trained to spot problems as they clean. Cleaners will make note of any chips, cracks, or breaks in the glass, as well as the damage to the frame structure and locking mechanisms. They will also check the weatherproofing around the windows to see if it needs to be replaced. These issues should be addressed promptly so that your windows can perform at their best. Fixing window problems early can also help to extend the life of the windows.

Cleaning your commercial windows regularly is your first line of defense to prevent problems with the window’s structure and appearance. If during your cleaning you find any issues with your windows, True View can help you repair or replace them. True View does it all from replacing glass to updating weather-stripping to repairing leaks. To learn more, contact us online or call your local True View location

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