Must-Have Window Features for Hot, Moderate, and Cold Climates

Not all windows are created equal, and some are better equipped at handling certain climates than others. It’s wise to choose new windows that will regulate the temperature in your house in relation to your local climate and keep you comfortable. Here are the features to look for in a window depending on your climate.

Hot Climate
Homes in the Phoenix and Tucson areas experience high temperatures and abundant sunlight for much of the year, placing them in the hot climate category. The main goal of windows in areas like these is to prevent unwanted heat from entering the home. Windows should have a Low-E coating which helps to minimize the amount of UV rays and infrared light that enter a home without impacting visibility. Wood or vinyl window frames are recommended to provide maximum energy efficiency in hot climates.

Moderate Climate
Moderate climates have warm days in the summer and cold days in the winter. Windows for homes in these areas need to accommodate both temperatures. Look for windows with a low U-factor, a measure of how much heat a window transfers, and with low-E coating. Composite or vinyl window frames are ideal for homes in moderate climates as they hold up well to weather fluctuations.

Cold Climate
If you have a home high in the mountains, you’ll want to choose windows that can stand up to cold weather. Choose double- or triple-paned windows filled with gases like argon or krypton to insulate your home. These gas-filled windows also reduce the chance that your windows will fog or develop condensation. You should also look for windows with a low U-factor (which measures the rate of heat transfer), a high solar heat gain coefficient, and high R-value (a measure of heat resistance). Wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or composite window frames are suggested for cold climates.

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