Is It Time to Replace Your Storefront Windows?

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Customers make their first impressions quickly upon visiting a place of business, and storefront windows play a big role in their observations. Keeping your storefront windows in good working order presents a positive image for your business and will help bring customers back again and again.

Since business owners see their storefront windows every day, it can be easy to overlook them and not notice when they need to be updated. How do you know it’s time? Ask yourself these questions:

Do your windows look outdated?
You want your storefront windows to be warm and welcoming. If your windows look old or outdated, it may be time to replace them. Think outside of the box and imagine how a new type of window could transform your business. Perhaps larger windows could provide more natural light for your space or a stylish transom window could provide a unique touch that will make customers remember your store.

Are your windows drafty?
Advances in window technology have made them much more energy-efficient than in the past. Windows that let in too much external air cause the building’s HVAC system to work harder, which increases your energy bills. New window options offer insulation and custom coatings to keep the cold and hot air at bay.

Do you need more or less privacy?
While some stores want passersby to look in and see their goods, privacy is a priority for others. With new storefront windows, you can achieve the style that works best for your business. For example, an expansive floor-to-ceiling window allows customers a clear view of your store, while frosted glass windows protect your clients’ privacy.

Do your windows provide proper security?
If your storefront windows are damaged, you could be at risk for a potential break-in. Chipped or cracked glass, as well as rotting wood or loose seals can weaken windows. Protect your business from theft or property damage by replacing your old storefront windows with new, durable ones.

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