Here Are 5 Ideas to Update Your Shower Stall

If your shower enclosure is an old door that hasn’t come really clean of all the calcium deposits in years or a shower curtain on a rod, get stylish. Your shower enclosure can be the focal point of an amazing bathroom. Here are 5 ideas that will give you a look you love.

1. What’s Your Precious Metal?

You don’t have to be stuck with that old look. Consider these options. You could have a polished brass frame or a chrome frame. You could go classic or you could go modern. And, speaking of modern, a dark metal framing clear glass can be a dramatic addition to your bathroom. Doors are the easiest and least expensive answer to keeping the water in the shower, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make a design statement.

2. Glass Blocks Take Shape.

Almost any shape! The can be curved as well as creating a rectangle. They eliminate the door and give your bathroom a clean look. You can get textured patterns on the block to reflect light and give you privacy. These “icy” blocks are a very cool – and modern – answer for your shower enclosure.

3. You Have A Tub.

You still can do more than hang a shower curtain. Consider tempered glass that’s hinged for easy access (no track to try and get past without injury). The glass is very durable and can withstand a bump against another bathroom fixture – like the toilet or sink. Leave it clear to show off your tile if that’s a look you love or frost it for more privacy.

4. Open Up With Frameless.

It’s a look that has become very popular. It gives you lots of flexibility of design. It can be sleek and modern or it can be elegant. And, you don’t have to stick to a standard shape. How much fun would it be to have a shower that is shaped like a bay window. You can do it with frameless!

5. Slide On It.

You want the beauty of glass but you don’t have the right space to accommodate and open shower door. Create a sliding door! Now you’ve got that modern, open look with clear glass or a beautiful textured glass shower enclosure that is also practical.

Shower enclosures can be absolutely incredible. What do you think you’d like to do? Visit your local, licensed full service glass and window company for great ideas. The available textures and patterns of glass alone are amazing. They’ll show you all the things that you can do, help you plan your “new” bathroom and then they’ll install it all and give you the shower enclosure of your dreams.



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