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Is it time to replace the windows in your commercial building? There are many factors to consider when upgrading your windows, like style, energy-efficiency, durability, opening systems, and more. Before you begin your replacement project, take some time to learn what types of windows will work best in your specific building.

Multi-Family Building
Apartment complexes and mid-rise condo buildings need windows that are operational for residents. Double-hung or single-hung casement windows are a common choice, although some building designs may call for fixed windows as well. Since these windows will likely see a lot of use, choose durable, high-quality materials. Local codes should also be consulted to ensure that the new windows meet safety requirements.

High-Rise Building
Several unique factors come into play when choosing windows for a high-rise building. First, the windows need to be strong enough to stand up to wind and other severe weather conditions. The thermal performance of the window is also key, particularly in buildings with floor to ceiling windows. The amount of light that enters through the window and the tint of the window is also important. In terms of maintenance, some windows can be tilted in to be cleaned from the inside, while others will require a special cleaning crew.

Small Business
Small businesses have some flexibility in choosing the windows that work best for their building. A glass storefront can be constructed to offer shoppers or diners a view into the building while frosted or tinted glass can be used for privacy. Windows can be customized to match the architectural style of the building. Small business owners will also benefit from windows that are energy-efficient, which can help keep monthly heating and cooling costs down.

In a hotel, windows should be chosen with the guests’ comfort in mind. They should block sound from entering (and leaving) the room and should provide appropriate insulation to regulate the temperature inside of the hotel room. Most hotels have fixed windows that cannot be opened for energy-efficiency purposes.

If your business is in a historic district, you may be required to follow specific guidelines when replacing your windows. Check with your local governing agency to determine if this is the case. The good news is that even if you need to adhere to replacement guidelines, you will be able to take advantage of modern window technology to make your business more energy efficient.

True View has decades of experience in replacing commercial windows and is ready to assist your business to find the best windows for your building. To learn more about our offerings, contact us online today!


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