Create a Quieter Workspace with Glass Partitions

Open floor plans have taken the workplace by storm, with roughly 70 percent of businesses having some sort of open floor plan, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. This seating structure can make face-to-face interaction easier, sparking creativity among employees. However, sometimes all this communication can make for a noisy workspace! Adding glass partitions to your office space is a great way to maintain the open feel while providing much-needed noise reduction.

  • Choose the placement for your partitions. Think strategically about where glass partitions make the most sense in your office. Glass partitions can be used to create quiet pods for individual work, enclose meeting rooms, or provide a barrier between cubicles. They can also be used to separate departments or areas of the workspace.
  • Determine the sound transmission class needed. Sound transmission class (STC) ratings are used to rank how effective a piece of glass is at reducing noise. The lower the STC rating, the easier it will be for noise to be heard through the glass. Standard glass is at the low end of the STC scale, while laminated and double-glazed glass are mid-range. To achieve the highest STC ranking, a combination of laminated and double-glazed glass is necessary.
  • Consider frosted or etched glass. There’s no need to have multiple types of partitions if you are seeking privacy in parts of the workplace. Patterned glass partitions can provide a private space that matches the aesthetic of the rest of the office. Frosted partitions or those etched with an intricate design block the view from the open workspace so that private meetings can be held.

In addition to reducing noise in the workplace, glass partitions come with other benefits as well! They let natural light shine through the office (boosting employee morale and reducing energy bills), provide a modern look, and help keep germs at bay. Glass partitions are easy to maintain and can easily be dismantled should you need to remodel your workspace.

Glass partitions in the workplace allow the best of both worlds: an open view to encourage collaboration and a barrier to prevent too much noise. To learn more about installing glass partitions in your business, contact the True View location nearest you

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