Common Sliding Glass Door Problems

If you are fortunate enough to have sliding glass doors in your home, you know how convenient and pleasant they are. This type of door gives you a wide view from which to enjoy the outdoors and it also allows more sunshine and light into a room. But what should you do if you run into trouble with your sliding glass patio door? How do you know when you should make repairs, or replace the door system entirely.

Unfortunately, doors are susceptible to damage because they see so much use. Here are a few common problems and recommended solutions:

Dirty or Broken Rollers: Sliding doors run smoothly because the rollers are fixed on either side of the door. However, if the door gets jammed and it is very stiff to move, it is likely the rollers have an obstruction or are failing because of wear. Rollers can become dirty from different debris like leaves, twigs or even rust, which obstruct the door movement. If the roller cracks or bends, it must be replaced with a new one.

Wheels Out of Adjustment, or a Bent Track: If the rollers holding the sliding door move out of the track, then the door will move out of alignment. This makes the door very difficult to open or close until the problem is fixed. This can be due to loose or missing screws holding the rollers against the track. In such cases, screws should be tightened or replaced. Another reason rollers may jump off-track is when the track itself is bent. Bent rails can be either inner or outer and can often be repaired by pulling or pushing them back into place with the right tools.

Broken Glass: Accidents happen, and sometimes the glass itself may break. Replacing the glass in a sliding door can be difficult because it requires breaking the seal around a window glass, plinking out the glass shards left over and then installing a new glass. Replacing glass yourself is a time-consuming and dangerous task which can result in injury if not done correctly. Homeowners should consider hiring a sliding door specialist to repair broken glass in a sliding door to avoid these troubles.

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