Are Your Windows Drafty?

Windows are a key factor in moderating the temperature inside of a home. They keep in the heat when it’s cold outside and stop warm air from entering the house when it’s hot. If your windows are drafty, however, they are not effective in doing their job.

The winter months are prime time to check your windows for drafts and leaks. There are several signs that point to drafty windows. If you see one or more of the signs below, investigate further and replace or repair your windows as needed.

You can feel a draft around the window. There are many ways to check if your windows are drafty. You can hold a candle close to the window and see if the flame moves (be sure to remove all flammable objects first), you can observe if your curtains move on their own, or you can simply place your hand around the window and feel for air. Whatever method you choose, if you feel a draft, it’s time to replace or fix your windows.

Condensation forms between the windowpanes. Condensation forms when warm, moist air meets a cool surface. Often, condensation appears on the inside or outside of the windows due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. If the condensation forms in between the windowpanes, however, it means that the seal around the window is damaged and is not airtight. Homeowners can opt to replace only the affected glass pane or the entire window.

The weather-stripping is cracked or rotted. Weather-stripping is a material that is installed around windows to prevent air from entering the house. It comes in many varieties, like V-strip, felt, silicone tubing, or foam tape. Over time, however, weather-stripping can deteriorate and make the windows drafty. Replace the weather-stripping as needed to stop minor air leaks.

You see a big jump in your energy bills. Energy bills typically fluctuate with the seasons, but if you see a huge increase in your costs, your windows may be to blame. Compare the high bill to previous months, and also to the same month of the prior year to understand the full picture of your energy usage.

Don’t let drafts get you down. True View can assist you in determining whether a repair or replacement is best to stop air leaks around your windows. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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