All You Need to Know About Home Gym Mirrors

Working out at home has a lot of benefits: you can get in a workout at any time, don’t have to wait for gym equipment, have privacy, and don’t need to worry about childcare, to name a few. The basics of a home gym include cardio equipment, weights, and yoga mats, but to really step up your at home workout, mirrors are essential.

Why Install a Home Gym Mirror
There are several reasons why installing a mirror in your home gym is helpful. Mirrors allow you to check your form while you are working out, which can help prevent injuries and accidents. They can also motivate you to get in that one last rep or finish the last few minutes of your run strong. Mirrors provide physical reference points, which are important for exercises that require spatial awareness. And if your home gym is in a small room, a mirror can also make your workout space seem larger, which can encourage you to spend more time there.

What to Type of Mirror is Best for a Home Gym
Mirrors made for gyms are different than mirrors that hang in the home. Home gym mirrors are made of thick, shatterproof glass to ensure safety while working out. They are also usually large and do not have frames. You can choose from a variety of different layouts as well: tall mirrors, tiled mirrors, wall mirrors, and more. 

Where to Place Your Home Gym Mirror
Mirrors should be installed in a home gym depending on your preferred type of exercise. If you like to lift weights, a mirror can be hung on the upper half of a wall over a weight rack. If you spend a lot of time on the treadmill or the bike, place a mirror to the side (you’ll likely be watching a screen in front anyway). For exercises that require floor work, like yoga or Pilates, an entire wall of mirrors is ideal. For any type of gym mirror, professional installation is recommended for safety reasons.

Let True View Windows and Glass help you bring your home gym to the next level by installing custom mirrors. To learn more about our offerings and installation process, contact your local True View glass specialists.

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