5 Things to Know About Fire Glass

Fire Glass gets your glow on. It’s beautiful. Where can you use it? How can you use it? Here are 5 things to know about Fire Glass.

1. It’s Tempered, Tumbled and Polished.

It’s ready to go to work. Fire Glass is ready to reflect and give your gas or propane fireplace or fire pit a beautiful new look. It doesn’t have sharp edges to harm you and it’s ready to take the heat. It won’t melt, burn or discolor. It will last forever within your fire pit or fireplace. Like all glass it can be broken so be careful when you’re putting it in your fire feature and if you move it from one place to another.

2. It’s Going to Warm Things Up.

What could be more romantic than fire dancing over the dazzle and glow of Fire Glass? It’s going to warm more than your heart, however. When your burner pan is filled with fire glass, it will radiate up to 4 times more heat than wood or artificial logs. The glass heats and provides a constant flow of warmth. Plus, it’s not blocking any of the radiant heat like an artificial log might.

3. Can I Just Use Any Glass?

This is a definite NO! Ordinary glass is not safe. It can pop or even throw off a glass shard. Laminated glass (like your car windshield) will turn black and melt. If the glass incorporates plastic, it will smoke and smell – and could even give off poisonous fumes. Fire Glass does not smoke, create soot or give off any odor or fumes.

4. Where and How Can I Use Fire Glass?

Fire Glass can be used with natural or propane glass. It can be used in a fireplace, a fire pit, a gas fire pan or a fire table. You can add to the beauty of your natural gas or propane fire light by adding Fire Glass. It can be used in vented or non-vented fireplaces – inside or out. If you’re using it vent-free, be sure you have a vent-free approved burner.

5.Take It Out of the Heat.

Use your imagination, but Fire Glass can be used in your aquarium or, even, in landscaping. Think of using it to create a mosaic tabletop. It’s great in an aquarium or as a vase filler. Look at the depth of beautiful color and think what you can do with Fire Glass!

If you want Fire Glass, it’s not hard to find. Call your local full-service glass and window replacement company. They will be able to give you Fire Glass in an array of colors. What will be your choice? Deep blue, Starphire or Black or Bronze reflective? They’ll have those and more!



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