5 Reasons To Go With Glass

sliding glass shower door

When building a new apartment complex or other rental property, or renovating a current one, the bathroom is one of the most important features. How it looks can make or break whether a potential tenant chooses to rent your property, or keep searching. More and more, renters are choosing properties that offer glass shower doors over curtains – here are five reasons why, and why you’ll benefit as the owner or property manager:

1. No PVC’s or mold. 

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a chemical known to be harmful to human health. Unfortunately, it is still found in many shower curtains and curtain liners. Go glass and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. You’ll also avoid messy mold situations that can occur if tenants don’t wash or replace their shower curtains often enough.

2. Give the illusion of space.

Face it, bathrooms aren’t the biggest rooms – especially in older properties. A glass shower door – especially a frameless one – opens up the space. They let light in so that you don’t have a dark shower enclosure adding to the small feeling of the room. Instead, using glass opens up the space, shows off your tile work and makes the room lighter, brighter and more appealing.

3. Show Your Style.

Shower doors give you a chance to show your style. You can use clear glass for an open, airy space or you can use a framed door. Frames come in chrome, bronze, nickel and gold finishes to fit the “style” of your complex. Glass for shower doors can be clear or patterned for privacy. You’ll be amazed at the many choices you have.

4. Protect your investment.

If you choose a shower door, you’re going to find that you have a tight seal that keeps water where you want it – in the shower, not on the floor. This will help protect your investment longer – requiring reduced maintenance and repairs.

5. Frameless Is An Option.

It’s the look you see in model homes – that clear glass shower or tub enclosure. It’s a choice when you ditch the shower curtain. You can go completely frameless or semi-frameless and create that light, airy, sunny look. Plus, since frameless is customized, you can choose any shape that works to beautify your bathroom. Frameless showers can also be an option for upgraded units, paired with granite countertops and higher-end appliances that generate more revenue.

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