5 Home Security Tips to Keep You Safe

There are things that are so simple that will help keep our homes safe and secure. Here are 5 that are often overlooked, but will help protect your home.

1. Get Rid Of The Key.

Is it under a rock or on top of a beam on the porch? Maybe it’s in one of those fake rocks made to hide a key. The truth is that “hidden” keys are often placed in the same locations – and thieves know where those locations are. Forget hiding a key. Instead, give your key to a trusted friend or neighbor to keep for you. And, no, don’t hide it in the car because if your car is stolen, you’ve invited them into your home.

2. The Door Should Be Locked

But if it isn’t, having all your key hanging on a hook right next to it or setting your garage door opener on the hall table is not a good idea. Setting your briefcase next to the door isn’t a good idea either. It’s too easy for someone to reach inside and help themselves to that briefcase and the laptop inside or to take your keys or the opener. How long will it take you to quit looking for those misplaced keys or the remote opener? Long enough for the thief to come back when no one is home and have easy entry into your home?

3. Sign It Up

Thieves want it to be easy. They don’t want an alarm to go off or a dog to come out of nowhere. Warn them off. If you have signs left from an old security company, put them up – even if you no longer subscribe to the service. The thief doesn’t know if you’re an active subscriber. Have a dog? Put up Beware of the Dog signs – you can do that even if there isn’t a canine resident. If you make the thieves stop and think, they may just move on to a home that looks easier.

4. Do Your Windows Offer Entry?

Have you ever come home and noticed that you left a window open? A normal screen – even a brand new one — can be cut without having the sharpest knife in the drawer. Make sure that windows are closed and locked. Then, think about this. Is the glass in those windows old, single pane glass? Modern windows are much more secure than older windows. Simply, it’s harder to break two or three panes. It’s going to require more effort and it’s going to make more noise. New windows aren’t just nicer – they’re safer.

5. Make It A Habit

For everyone in your home. Teach everyone to use door and window locks – even, when they’re only be gone for a minute (those minutes tend to stretch out). Make sure the garage door is closed and has a lock. The door from the garage to the house should not only be locked; it should have a dead bolt. If you have an alarm, use it and use it every time you leave the home. Good habits help keep you safe.

Don’t be afraid to call in the experts! Your police department may offer a free home inspection and point out security risks. If you’ve been thinking about new windows for the energy savings and the updated curb appeal, add another reason to call a licensed window replacement company – your safety! Don’t take risks – make your home as safe as possible. Keep your family and your things safe!



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