Types of Windows

True View carries every type of window, every type of glass, and a variety of frame materials. We’ll help you decide which windows and materials complement your home best. As the local leaders in the window industry, we understand the trends and latest innovations and will make sure your windows fit perfectly into your home’s exterior décor. Whether you have a specific style of window in mind, or want expert tips and advice, we’ve got you covered every step along the way.


It’s a winning combination—True View and our window manufacturers. Start with the window experts at True View. They’ll do more than just show you your options – they’ll explain them and help you choose windows that will improve your home’s curb appeal, save you energy, and increase the value of your home. When your new windows are delivered, you can count on professional installation from expert technicians. They’ll treat your home with respect—making sure that all cleanup is completed and that each window is beautifully and correctly installed.


When it comes to finding window styles that match your home, our extensive selection has you covered. Each window style offers a different look, so you’re bound to find the perfect style for you. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed below—don’t worry! Our list is so extensive, we couldn’t possibly list every window style we can accomplish.

Take a look at just a few examples of window styles we offer below:


A window is nothing without its frame. That’s why we offer a wide range of frames for your home, each offering a different look and feel.


Vinyl frames are energy-efficient, and come in almond and white colors. We can also create custom painted options upon request.


Fiberglass frames come in a wide selection of colors, and can easily be painted. These frames are exceptionally durable.

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Wood frames offer the beauty and warmth of natural wood and can be painted in any color.


Aluminum frames are thin, lightweight, and provide a modern aesthetic.


With a wide variety of options available, we can give you the glass you want. We understand that every window is unique, which is why there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right type of glass for your window. We’ll work with you to ensure you select the right glass for your windows. From privacy glass that’s perfect for your master bathroom to Low-E glass to maintain temperatures in your living room, we have all the options you need.


Low-E glass improves solar and thermal performance by using a passive and solar control Low-E coating. The coating minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through glass without effecting the amount of visible light that comes through.


If you don’t need Low-E protection on your windows, clear glass provides a crystal-clear view. We also have several different options of tinted glass. This type of glass is a classic choice for windows. It invokes a feeling of simplicity and timelessness.


Reflective glass has a special tinted metallic coating. The coating makes it possible for you to see out of the window, but prevents outsiders from seeing in. This provides privacy, while also keeping the sun away.


Ideal for bathrooms, privacy glass windows obscure the view from the outside, but still allow for abundant light to enter the room. Privacy glass comes in a variety of beautiful patterns and designs to fit any room’s décor.