Which Windows Should You Choose?

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When it comes to windows, the style and design you choose can aid in creating the aesthetic you want for your home. The choices, however, can quickly become overwhelming, and many homeowners don’t explore every option before choosing a product that will be on their homes for 15+ years.

Here are four of the most popular types of windows, and their benefits:

Single and Double Hung Windows. Single and double hung windows are what you will find in many newer residential homes. These windows open by sliding within the frame. Single hung windows only open from the bottom, while double hung windows open from either the top or bottom, and are great for circulating air throughout the home.
Casement windows. Casement windows operate on a hinge to open, rather than sliding within the frame. This opening system can be better for the elderly, or for those with back issues who may have trouble pushing a window open. They may open by swinging out to the side, or by angling up and away from the bottom of the window.
Picture windows. Picture windows are exactly what they sound like: larger windows that allow you to see a bigger view outside of the home, and let in much more natural sunlight. Picture windows are fixed, meaning they can’t be opened. This allows for a wider variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, since there are no sashes, handles, or other hardware to accommodate. Picture windows can also be installed in more difficult to reach places, to let in light where ventilation isn’t a concern.
Bay windows. Bay windows consist of three or more windows (single hung, double hung, picture or casement), angled out so that they protrude from the exterior wall they’re installed against. Bay windows also feature an extended sill that creates more storage space in the room, and can even accommodate a window seat depending on the design.
True View carries every type of window, every type of glass and a variety of frame materials, and our experts can help you choose the style and glass that suits your home best. Give us a call today, or use our online form to find out more about what we offer.



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