When to Replace Your Glass Storefront

Glass storefronts are very common among businesses of all types. Well-maintained glass storefronts create a favorable first impression for customers and provide a marketing opportunity for your business. They allow natural light to flow inside of the building, improving the mood of customers and employees. Moreover, glass storefronts enhance your security and make your building more energy efficient.

If your storefront’s glass or framing is damaged, it can detract from your business. While glass storefronts can often be repaired, sometimes replacement is the best choice. If your windows show any of the following signs, consult a window professional to determine the best option to make your glass storefront shine.

Draftiness. Hold your hand up to the seams of your glass storefront to determine if outside air is entering the building. While weatherstripping or caulking may prevent air from leaking into or out of your business, replacing the glass storefront is the most effective way to prevent drafts.

High Energy Bills. If your monthly energy bills are unusually high, it may be time to update your glass storefront. In addition to providing a view outside, windows are critical to your building’s insulation. Poorly insulated windows can cause your bills to be 25 percent higher than if you had energy-efficient windows. New windows can help make a big difference.

Frequent Condensation. When condensation forms on the inside of glass storefronts, the seal of the glass has been compromised. This moisture can damage the storefront and cause mold and mildew to form.

Damaged Framing. Storefront frames that are dented, cracked, or deteriorating not only look bad, but also prevent your glass storefront from performing well (i.e. leaks or condensation). Replacing the glass storefront with new framing can transform the look of your business and make it more energy-efficient.

Cracked or Scratched Glass. Minor damage to glass storefronts can often be repaired promptly when attended to. However, replacing the window may be a better option if you see extensive cracking or other cosmetic damage.

True View Windows and Glass has over 20 years of experience working with businesses to replace their commercial glass storefronts. Contact your nearest True View location to learn more about our process, products, and pricing. 


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