What’s Wrong With Your Windows?

When it comes to windows, broken and scratched glass aren’t the only reasons we make repairs or replacements. For example, if a tenant is having a difficult time opening and closing a window, there’s likely an issue that needs to be addressed. It may seem manageable for the time being, but can quickly become annoying or a bigger problem that leads to bad reviews for property managers.

When there is a problem with windows, maintenance teams want to find the source and make a decision accordingly. Here are a few common issues that can happen when windows are old or become weathered:

Broken hardware:
If locks are sticking, or will no longer fit together, it can become a safety issue for any rental property. Thankfully, this is usually a quick fix.

Clogged or broken tracks:
Nothing is more annoying for renters than trying to hold a window open while they find the perfect object to prop it open so it doesn’t slam shut. This can also become a danger to younger children or elderly tenants of your property. Or, the window is so hard to manage they don’t open it and complain to you and your team! If your window isn’t staying open on its own there may be an issue with the tracks, and those can usually be repaired.

Water and air leaks are one of the biggest issues when it comes to windows, second to broken glass. Water entering any area of a building where it isn’t supposed to be can lead to bigger issues like mold and rot. Air leaks can drive up energy costs for you or your tenants, depending on who covers those costs. Thankfully, this issue can often be fixed by re-sealing the leak on the window frame.

The True View Windows & Glass teams are comprised of experts when it comes to all things window – even smaller hardware, lock and track repairs. Let us give you a free, no-obligation, no-pressure estimate today!

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