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What’s the Best Screen for You?

Window replacement professionalNot all screens are created equal. Window and door screens come in a variety of different materials that make them ideal for certain environments. Live in a sun-drenched area? There’s a screen for that. Have a dog who’s always trying to get outside? There’s a screen for that, too. Read on to see what screens are best for your home.

Best for Pest Control
One of the most obvious reasons for a screen is to keep insects out of your house when the windows or doors are open. Specialty bug screens with a tight weave prevent the smallest of bugs, like no-see-ums and gnats, from entering your home.

Best to Block the Sun
Solar screens are a great choice for homes that receive no shade throughout the day, especially for windows that face east and west. Constructed from a special material that reflects the sun’s light, these screens keep the house cooler and prevent sun damage to furniture, flooring, and photos. And don’t worry, although these screens block the sun, you’ll still have a clear view to the outdoors.

Best View
If you’ve got a stunning view, you’ll want window screens that let you soak in nature’s beauty. High visibility window and door screens are made of a nearly invisible fiberglass mesh. These screens also offer increased air flow in addition to providing an unobscured view.

Best for Pet Owners
When your dog is constantly jumping at the door or your cat is pouncing on the window, you know it’s time to upgrade your screens. Pet-resistant screens are made of high-quality, durable material that can stand up to pets.

Best for Privacy
When houses are close together, privacy screens can help maintain the airflow while hiding the inside of the house from neighbors. Made of a thick and tightly woven material, privacy screens help to block the sun as well.

The True View team has replaced thousands of screen doors and windows in our years of experience, so you can be sure that your screen will be replaced quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about True View’s options for door and window screens.