What Does Your Storefront Say to Your Customers?

commercial glass door that reads "staff entrance"

Whether it’s a potential client visiting your office for the first time, or a customer visiting your retail shop, their first impression of your company begins as soon as they see your front door. Creating a welcoming environment extends beyond interior design – is your parking lot accessible? Is your suite or store easy to find, with visible signage to point drivers in the right direction? And lastly – is your front door and storefront inviting?

Clear things up by giving a peek inside.

Retail stores and offices alike can benefit from having their space on display with large windows or a glass door. Customers and clients will get a peek of your space before they enter the building, making them feel more comfortable before walking in the door by giving them a chance to scope things out beforehand. It can also help clear up and confusion about which building is yours and create a more open space inside.

Make sure your door is easy to use.

Your storefront may be the most attractive around, but accessibility is just as important as looks. While a sticking door or cracked glass may be fine for a warehouse, it can turn people away from your business. Also, consider your clientele – is your door easy for children or the elderly to use? Does is accommodate wheelchairs without aid from others? A single glass door may be perfect for one business type, while a sliding double glass door may be better for others.

Get creative.

If you are trying to bring in new customers from everyday foot traffic, your storefront displays are one of the most important aspects of the overall design plan. Utilize your window space with good signage advertising your menu, services or products, and be sure to clean the glass regularly. Offices with the company name engraved in door glass can seem more professional. The options are endless!

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