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Use Sun Screens to Keep Your Tenants Happy

Whether you’re located in Arizona or anywhere else that gets sunshine year-round, having plenty of windows, especially south-facing ones, means your retail space, condo or apartment building gets an abundance of natural light. This can be incredibly beneficial during the winter months in colder states, where natural light can help boost your mood and even assist with home heating, and is a great selling point to potential tenants. However, in areas like Phoenix where the summer months mean temperatures often reach over 100 degrees fahrenheit, your tenants will want to cover those windows during peak daylight hours.

If natural light is a selling point to renters, it can also steer them away if it means their energy bills will increase to keep the space comfortable during the summer. One way to combat this problem? Providing sun screens for your rental properties. Sun screens are designed to reduce heat transfer through windows and doors, and also reduce glare and harmful rays from the sun. The screens are made of polyester and may be permanent, or removable so you can let more light in during the cooler months.

Sun screens are incredibly desirable for shorter-term retail, apartment and condo renters who want a space with great natural lighting, but don’t want to spend their own money outfitting the property with window treatments that may not fit in their next residence. Another benefit to sun screens is privacy. If you own a property in central Phoenix privacy for tenants from the surrounding buildings is a big plus. These screens reduce visibility from anyone seeing inside your property during the day.

If you’re ready to keep your space cool and reduce the sun’s heat, we have options to suit your style and budget. Say goodbye to discomfort, and hello to True View Windows & Glass! Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation, no-pressure estimate.