Upgrade Your Investment Property in 2020

commercial after shot glass door

If you are a property owner looking to make a return on your investment, or simply love flipping houses, you understand the importance of focusing on updates that can increase the value of a home and appeal to potential buyers. Many times these updates are for aesthetics to bring the property back to life, but often they are necessary to fix issues from previous installations and repairs, or to make the home more energy efficient. One of the most common areas that needs attention on older properties is glass.

Upgrade for Efficiency

Now more than ever, home-buyers, and even renters, are seeking properties that come with measures already in place for maximum energy efficiency. Windows and doors play a huge factor in home efficiency, and if your property still has the original windows, or lower quality options that may be drafty or aren’t opening and closing properly, it’s one of the first upgrades you should make.

Upgrade for Style

Another big consideration for home buyers is natural light and a connection with nature. More home designers are trying to find the perfect indoor-outdoor connection through walls of glass, accordion-style windows and doors that slide open to let the fresh air in, and as much natural sunlight as possible. If your property requires the lights to be on during daylight hours, letting the sun shine through with more glass will help you appeal to a bigger market.

Make Repairs

Of course, before you begin knocking down walls or removing doors, you’ll want to make repairs a priority. Scratched or cracked glass on windows, doors, mirrors and shower doors happen with time, and making repairs will help your property appear as though it’s just been built.

If you need glass, windows or doors to make a return on your investment property, let us give you a free, no-obligation, no-pressure estimate.

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