True View offers bug and sun screens for windows, doors, patios and porches. We fabricate all window screens with metal interior corners, rather than plastic; ensuring a longer lifespan. With our wide selection, we have something for every style and budget. Schedule a consultation with one of our screen experts to get the right solution for your home.

Window Screens

To enjoy the fresh air without leaving your home vulnerable to insects and debris, a window screen is the perfect solution. At True View, we’ll talk about which screen is best for you, deliver them to you, and install them on your windows. Schedule a consultation today.

Sun Screens

Suntex 80 Beige

Suntex 80 Black

Suntex 80 Brown

Suntex 80 Dark Bronze

Suntex 80 Gray

Suntex 80 Stucco

Suntex 90 Beige

Suntex 90 Black

Suntex 90 Brown

Suntex 90 Dark Bronze

Suntex 90 Gray

Suntex 90 Stucco

Bug Screens

Standard Insect Charcoal

Standard Insect Gray

Pet Screen Black

Pet Screen Gray

Ultra Vue*

Better Vue*

*Only available with Milgard Window purchases.

No Interest and No Payments for 12 Months*