Top Areas To Renovate in 2020

large glass shower enclosure in marble bathroom

The new year is almost here! We know you’ve been busy working on your resolutions, and for many homeowners this includes getting your house into the shape you’ve always wanted. The environment around you can have a huge impact on your mood, and can even inspire you. If your home doesn’t truly feel like home, it’s time to make a change! However, it’s unlikely that most homeowners are ready to complete a full renovation, and it’s okay to start small. Think about your other goals for 2020, and take a look at these top areas to renovate:

For relaxation.

What feels better than starting the day with a nice hot shower, or ending a long workday with a warm bath? Though you may feel relaxed lounging on your sofa or in bed, your bathroom can become your personal at-home spa. If your shower glass is dirty or the frame is broken, your bathtub isn’t comfortable, or the decor isn’t calming, your bathroom is the room you need to renovate in the new year to feel more relaxed every day.

For productivity.

If you frequently work or complete projects from home, it can be tough to feel productive if you’re working from the living room couch or dining room table. A dedicated workspace can help separate your work life from family time, and keep you free from distractions during when you need to focus on completing work tasks. Turn your spare bedroom, room over the garage, rec room or formal living room into a dedicated home office in 2020. You can keep this room feeling open, but private at the same time with the help of glass walls or glass-panelled French doors.

For a healthier environment.

Research has consistently shown that humans need natural sunlight to thrive. Letting light into your home and opening the windows and doors to let in fresh air can help you feel healthier and happier. You can let more light in by replacing your doors with glass options, or adding new or more windows to your home.

Whatever space you decide to renovate in 2020, the experts at True View Windows & Glass are here for all of your replacement window, custom glass, mirror and shower door needs. Call us today or fill out our online form for a free estimate.


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