Tips for Updating Your Restaurant Storefront

While a storefront certainly plays a functional role regulating temperature and protecting goods and patrons inside of a restaurant, it has the potential to do so much more. An appealing storefront can drive passersby to your restaurant, increasing the number of customers and boosting your bottom line. To make the most of a restaurant storefront update follow these tips:

Use your storefront to attract customers. Be strategic in planning a new restaurant storefront. There are countless options available to make your storefront stand out to customers: floor-to-ceiling glass paneling, artistic window framing, casement or fold-out windows, etc. You can also use the storefront as a marketing tool; it is an ideal location to promote seasonal specials or events, post hours, or offer positive thoughts.

Consider the comfort of diners. Windows allow natural light to flow throughout your restaurant, which is usually considered a good thing. However, dining in the direct view of the sun can be uncomfortable. If this is the case in your restaurant, have a plan to block the sun with blinds, an awning, or another type of window covering.

Customize the storefront to meet your restaurant’s style. Restaurants run the gamut from family-friendly eateries to fine dining establishments. More casual restaurants may want to provide a clear view from the storefront into the dining area so potential customers can get a glimpse of the food or see how crowded it is. Privacy is often desired in fine dining restaurants, so frosted or tinted glass may be a better storefront option.

Check local codes before updating your storefront. Before embarking on any storefront renovation, be sure to check the local building codes in your area. Some codes may prohibit certain types of windows or lighting, particularly in historic areas. In these instances, a local window and glass professional will be able to guide you to find a storefront that meets your vision while complying with building codes.

Changing your restaurant’s storefront is an exciting venture that can pay off in dividends. True View Windows and Glass is here to help you design a storefront that will wow your customers. To learn more about our process and previous storefront renovations, contact us.



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