The Secret to Keeping Your Glass Spotless

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No matter how often you deep clean your bathroom, or even if you squeegee your shower after each use, water stains, soap scum and scratches are bound to appear with time. Replacing your glass frequently will keep your bathroom pristine, but certainly isn’t cost-effective if there are no other issues with your shower or shower enclosure. Before you continue spending countless hours bleaching, scrubbing and squeezee-ing, consider the stress-free secret that will free up your weekend chore time for activities you actually enjoy: Invisible Shield glass protection.

Invisible Shield is a high-tech solution that creates a micron thin coating that bonds to the glass, essentially creating a barrier between glass and stains, soil, water, mineral deposits, scratches and more. A professional application of Invisible Shield not only protects your new glass surface, it makes it surprisingly easy to keep clean and maintain. This product is designed to last up to 10 years on most glass services – especially when installed by an expert.

Of course, a protective shield doesn’t mean your glass will be free of everyday grime. Though you won’t need a thorough, deep cleaning as often to prevent water stains and mineral build-up, it’s always a good idea to use a surface cleaner on the glass while you’re cleaning the rest of your shower. Check out our glass guide for a few tips.

To learn more about Invisible Shield, visit their website, or watch a brief video here. If you’d like a free estimate or to speak with one of our glass experts about the many benefits of Invisible Shield, give our Denver or Phoenix office a call today.


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