The Benefits of Sun Screens

The sun is a big reason why many people choose to live in Arizona and Colorado; on average both states have about 300 days of sunshine every year! While the sun is great for outdoor activities, it certainly does heat up the house. Sun screens, also known as solar screens, are made with a special mesh screen that reflects the sun. This provides many benefits for homeowners:

Heat Reduction
Sun screens reflect the sun away from the house, blocking 90 percent of heat from the sun before it reaches your windows. This can reduce the temperature in your home by up to 30 degrees. That’s a big temperature drop! During the spring and fall you can keep your windows open longer, and in the summer your air conditioner won’t have to run as frequently. Over time, this can really help save on monthly energy bills.

UV Protection
In addition to preventing heat from entering the home, sun screens also block 65-90 percent of UV rays. Rugs, paintings, and furnishings are all subject to fading over time due to exposure to UV rays. Installing sun screens will help to protect these items so that they maintain their original coloring.

Privacy with a View
While sun screens appear to be a darker color from the outside of your home, from the indoors you have a clear view. This allows you to have more privacy from those passing by your house while still allowing natural light to flood your home. Plus, plant lovers can rest assured that their indoor plants will still receive enough sunlight to flourish.

Increased Home Value
Installing sun screens will go a long way to increase the value of your home. Home buyers know the value that sun screens add to a home and are willing to pay accordingly for them! Sun screens are energy efficient, durable, and require little maintenance, all great selling points should you decide to put your house on the market.

Ready to install sun screens in your home? Sun screens are available in many style options to match any home color or architecture. To learn more about sun screens and how they can benefit your home, contact True View Windows and Glass today.

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