The Benefit of Natural Light in the Workplace

Do you know what the most sought-after feature in an office is? You guessed right; it’s a window! While many workers appreciate the view of the outdoors, the natural light that shines through the window can be even more important. Natural light doesn’t just benefit employees; it can also be good for a company’s bottom line. Here’s why a brighter workplace is a better workplace:

Increases productivity. Natural light increases creativity, focus, and cognitive function, all key elements of productivity. Studies show that workplaces with ample natural light saw an increase in productivity and sales of between five and 40 percent. Not too shabby!

It makes workers more engaged. Workspaces that offer natural light also cultivate a more engaged workforce. Employees are more likely to collaborate and connect with each other to further the business’s mission.

Boost employees’ moods. An office or retail space flooded with natural light creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Natural light makes employees happier, so they will likely stay longer and work more daily hours.

Improves employees’ well-being. Natural light is also good for employees’ physical health. It helps the body produce Vitamin D, improves the quality of sleep, and can have a positive effect on mental health. It can also help reduce eye strain related to fluorescent lighting. Healthy employees are less likely to stay home sick from work, so employers can benefit, too. 

There are many ways that employers can increase the natural light in the workplace. Windows or skylights can be added to the building for more light. Employers can also utilize glass partitions to let natural light permeate common work areas or position mirrors so that they reflect natural light around the space.

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