Tenant Improvement Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Facade of a New Commercial Building with Retail and Office Space for Lease

If you’re thinking about the phrase “tenant improvement,” chances are you’re either a landlord or building owner looking to fill a space, or you are a potential tenant looking for the perfect space for your business. Tenant improvements are generally a negotiation between a landlord and tenant to “improve” the space, where the landlord covers a certain amount of the cost. This can depend a lot on what plans the tenant has for the building (what type of business they have, what their goals are, etc), and what already exists in the space.

Tenant improvements may sound simple enough, but you can imagine where things can get tricky – and scary. If one side is overseeing the entire project down to choosing the contractor and products, the other party may get the short end of the stick when it comes to quality or pricing.

Factor in the challenges of overall design and the quality of products and what should be a happy occasion for all involved becomes challenging, at best. Here are a few tips from the commercial design-build TI team at True View Windows & Glass.

Design is every bit as important as build A true design-build firm will help plan the space to get the best use, whether it’s a retail showroom or an office full of customer-support cubes. Don’t limit yourself to hiring a contractor and hoping they can handle the design. A good design-build team saves you time and money, because they understand the costs and effort to produce the design.

Materials matter – Our focus is glass, and an increasing number of TI projects involved glass partitions, glass walls, half-walls, privacy screens and glass-walled conference rooms. Regardless of the type of business, glass is a cost-effective building material that makes any space look great, and when used creatively, really inspires. One of our more popular requests – glass office doors and internal walls, to balance privacy and openness.

Experience Counts – TI construction projects are a unique endeavor, with all parties wanting the project completed on the fastest possible timeline, at a fair price and with quality results. Combining all three effectively takes proven experience and expertise, and shouldn’t be left to a general contractor who has done “one or two” projects. The same applies to subcontractors – that’s one reason when it comes to TI, whether it’s the building owner or the GC, savvy TI project managers turn to pros like True View Glass and Mirror for the best possible results.

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