Swing Versus Sliding – Which Patio Door is Right for You?

residential sliding glass patio door

Patio doors are a great way to merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces without knocking down any walls. You can open them to let fresh air in, allow guests or pets to move freely throughout your home and to the backyard or terrace, and they can even help bring extra natural light into your home. We would have a hard time making a case against adding patio doors to your home!

If you’ve decided patio doors are right for your own home, that means you now also must decide which type of doors you want. Each has their own benefits, and we are here to help you choose!

Here are two of the most popular patio door options: swinging and sliding.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors are a popular choice for homeowners who use their outdoor space often. They often have screens, which means you can keep them open throughout the day or evening without having to worry about critters entering (or exiting!) your home. If you have pets who love to go outside, you might find that sliding doors allow you to squeeze out on your own without having to worry about door-dashing dogs escaping. Sliding glass doors are also the perfect option for those who have a smaller home or outdoor area, because they take up less space to open and close.

Swinging Glass Patio Doors

Swinging, or hinged glass French doors are a classic, elegant option to connect your indoor and outdoor living space – or even rooms inside your home, like an office. They can swing in, if you’d prefer to have more room outdoors, or swing outwards, for a serene, classic feeling as you open the doors to your patio or terrace to feel the fresh air and sun on your skin.

Of course, all types of doors come in many different styles, so don’t feel limited in your choice. From sliding glass doors to front entryways with glass sidelights, True View is your go-to resource for entry doors, with a particular expertise on patio, French and sliding-glass doors.

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