Simonton Windows & Doors

True View is proud to serve the Valley with Simonton Windows. Simonton has been manufacturing windows and doors for 70 years. In that time, they have developed a reputation for the highest quality – and innovation that makes Simonton Windows your best window replacement buy.

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Here are just some of the reasons to choose Simonton replacement window!


From Consumer Reports to Builder Magazine, experts have recognized and awarded Simonton Windows and Doors as an industry leader. You just can’t beat a 70+ year reputation for quality.

Energy Savings

It’s the number one reason people replace their windows and the number one reason more and more consumers are choosing Simonton replacement windows. They’ve perfected advance glass features for windows that are weather resistant to make drafts and leaks a thing of the past. You save on your energy bills month after month, year after year.

Build to Last

And, with warranties that protect you! Think about having a double lifetime limited warranty – with labor!Each product has its own warranty and each is clearly listed for your assurance on the website,


Simonton Windows know that you don’t want to just improve the curb appeal of your home you want your home to be beautiful inside and out. You’re going to find the style you want when you choose Simonton replacement windows.


You can relax. Simonton has tested every latch for every window and door and they have passed the test for forced entry requirements. You, your family and your things are safer.

Investment Return

Simonton replacement windows return about 73% of your investment if you sell your home. That’s almost three-fourths of what you paid – plus you got all those energy savings.

Tight and Quiet

It’s a difference you’ll notice. Less dust inside your home for cleaner inside air and quiet. You won’t be bothered by outside noise – Simonton replacement windows make your home a peaceful haven.

Low-E Protection

If your furniture, photos and artwork has been faded by the sun, you know how annoying and costly that can be. With Low-E technology, your new Simonton windows will help protect your things for sun damage.

When you’re replacing your windows, call True Energy and ask about Simonton replacement windows and doors. You’re going to get 70-years of innovation and unsurpassed quality – and the energy savings and beauty you want!

Need to replace sliding glass doors?

It’s Simonton! Their sliding glass doors glide back and forth easily – no muscle needed. It’s part of Simonton’s innovation. The choices are yours and with Simonton doors you can’t go wrong!



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