Shatter Resistant/Bullet Proof Glass

protective bullet proof glass in school front desk office

It’s unfortunate, but bullet and shatterproof glass is becoming more and more common for public buildings. While it has traditionally been installed in banks, jewelers and similar environments, more people are considering it for safety in schools, churches, government buildings and more. When it comes to determining whether or not to use shatter resistant or bullet proof glass, consider where protection may be needed:

Windows: Bullet-roof and shatter resistant glass for windows should be considered for commercial buildings in which someone may attempt to break through and gain access to something valuable inside. Often windows can be the fastest access point for thief looking to enter a building after business hours, and can be the most stressful when trying to make repairs and protect your business.

Doors: Similar to windows, the glass or glass panels on doors can be a quick access point for anyone trying to enter a building. Doors may also be a concern when outfitting schools or government buildings, especially front and side entrance doors, or interior doors with glass panels.

Partitions: Glass partitions are one of the easiest ways to create a safety barrier between employees and visitors, while maintaining an open and inviting feel. Partitions have been used in banks and police stations for many years, and can be the perfect solution for any office with a front reception area and security concerns.

shatter resistant glass door for school officeIf you aren’t sure what options are right for you, give us a call today or fill out our convenient online form. Our expert glass fabricators and installers are experienced with a wide range of shatter resistant and bullet-proof glass solutions and the True View team can help you find exactly the right glass. Don’t forget – we also offer emergency board-up services. If you need a solution fast before your professional installation, our team is ready to help.

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