What Makes A Modern Bathroom?

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In the world of home design, the words “modern” and “minimal” are in the forefront of any conversation involving style choices. More homeowners are opting for an aesthetic that feels open and airy, creating an environment that is less cluttered, but is also comfortable to live in and enjoy. This style is particularly popular for kitchens and bathrooms, where feeling clean and fresh is especially important. So, what makes a modern bathroom, and how can you achieve that look in your home?

Color Choices

While pops of color can certainly add a personal touch to a modern bathroom, it’s more likely that you’ll find cool-toned grays, white and natural wood with this design style. Materials and products are important, but sticking to a neutral color palate is one of the easiest ways to get the look without renovations.


“Clean lines” are style-defining when it comes to a modern bathroom. Geometric shapes for countertops, tiles hardware and even mirrors create a cohesive look that makes it feel like you’re in a five-star hotel in your own home. When in doubt, stick to squares and rectangles for larger pieces, but don’t be afraid to get creative in the details.


When looking for style inspiration for your modern bathroom, be sure to pay close attention to the use of glass. To maintain that open and airy feel, many homeowners are using large glass panels for wet rooms and showers, and large mirrors to reflect natural sunlight. This is especially helpful for making smaller bathrooms appear larger. Similar effects can be achieved with glass blocks as a structural design element or as a means to allow light in while maintaining privacy.

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