Lower Energy Bills and 6 Other Things that Come with New Windows

If you’re replacing old windows, you can expect energy efficiency that will lower your utility bills. But, you’re going to get more than that – here are 6 other advantages about new windows.

1. You’ll be More Comfortable.

With single pane glass, the window glass itself is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. That cold glass or hot glass radiates the temperature inside your home. That’s not comfortable – especially if your favorite reading spot is right by that window. New energy-efficient, high-performance windows will help your home more comfortable. You may use your heating or cooling less.

2. Less Condensation.

If you live where it’s very cold, you’ve probably had condensation on the inside of your windows – maybe even frost. With double pane windows will have warmer glass surfaces on the inside. You’ll have less condensation – it will probably be confined to the vertical edges and bottom of the window.

3. More Light and Better View.

That’s what windows are for – to let the sunshine in and let you see out. You’re going to be amazed at the difference your new windows will make. You probably haven’t noticed that your old windows have become less cool with the buildup of years of dirt and grime – even when you think you’re keeping them clean. The Low-E coating lets in all the light that brightens your rooms while it keeps out the harmful rays.

4. Less Dirt.

Besides being lighter, your home is going to be tighter. Your new windows are going to be installed exactly right. The new locks are going to close them without leaving any little cracks. It means that there is going to be less dirt working its way into your home. And, that means less dusting and cleaning for you!

5. It’s Quieter.

This may be one of the first things you notice. Your home becomes a peaceful haven. You’re going to love it – and, you’re going to be surprised the first nice day when you leave the door open and you hear all that outside noise again. Your new windows are keeping heat, cold, dust – and noise out!

6. Fading is Reduced.

You’ll find you don’t need to pull those blinds shut because the Low-E coating is protecting you and your things. Fabrics, photos and artwork are harmed by the ultraviolet or UV rays in sunlight. Low-E protection on your new windows will reduce the UV rays and help protect your things.

If you’re considering replacement windows, it’s a smart move. Your home will have better curb appeal and the windows will actually increase its value. Plus, you get all the benefits – less noise, dust, fading and condensation and more light and peace and quiet. Just make sure that you work with a licensed window replacement company so you get the right windows and expert installation. Then, you can enjoy the view and the lower energy costs!



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