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With extensive in-house production and innovative product designs, Heritage Windows and Doors has emerged as one of the Southwest’s leading providers of high-performance aluminum windows and doors. Heritage is owned and managed by Tashco Industries. The president of the company, Fred Tashman, is heavily involved in the everyday operation and manufacturing of its products. This dedication to providing high quality solutions to builders and homeowners is reflected throughout all of the brand’s products. We’re proud to supply Heritage’s innovative and energy-efficient windows and doors to our customers.


The best of aluminum

Heritage uses extruded aluminum as the primary building material in their windows and doors. Extrusion is a process by which a material is pushed or pulled through a cast of a specific pattern, in order to create a uniform profile. Extruded aluminum enables the use of durable adonized finishes. This finish is both attractive and low maintenance, making the windows and doors strong enough to stand up to the elements for years to come. Adonized finishes also removed the need for any repainting or touchups to the frames.

Endless design possibilities

In terms of design, aluminum is flexible—literally. The material is inherently light and malleable, allowing it to be fashioned into endless shapes and sizes. While the word “aluminum” may bring to mind cold tones of metallic gray, aluminum windows are actually found in many different colors and shades. Heritage stocks a variety of custom colors and paint finishes for customers looking for something out of the box.

The number of systems, finishes, and glass options available from Heritage enable you to create everything from awe-inspiring picture windows to sleek and efficient sliding glass doors. Clean architectural lines and eye-catching accents like arches and colored hinges add the perfect finishing touches to Heritage’s windows and doors.

Cost-effective solutions

Heritage works closely with their customers to ensure that the right custom window and door solutions are available for a variety of budgets. Compared to other framing options for windows and doors, aluminum is significantly less expensive. Aluminum also has a lifespan of 20-30 years, far longer than other frames. The long lifespan and durability of aluminum pays dividends for homeowners, as there’s no need to budget for expensive repairs or maintenance down the line.

Decades of innovation

Heritage has strived for excellence in the manufacturing of their windows and doors from their founding in 1982. Along the way, they’ve been responsible for numerous product innovations that made waves within the industry.

In 1986, Heritage made history by developing the first fully automated glass handling and cutting system on the west coast. Throughout the 90s, Heritage obtained numerous exclusive patents for their products, including a multi-latch system for sliding glass doors, and a method to replace existing windows without the need for a full tear down. Design and manufacturing innovation continued on from the early 2000s to the present day, with Heritage breaking new ground by earning the lowest U-Value in any aluminum windows on the market. As time goes on and new trends emerge within the industry, Heritage is sure to remain on the forefront of innovation.

National acclaim

Heritage’s commitment to sustainability and innovative building solutions have earned attention and acclaim from organizations across the country. They’re a testament to the true impact Heritage has had on the windows and doors industry.

In 2008, Heritage’s sliding glass doors were awarded an official ENERGY STAR label. This made them only the 5th manufacturer of aluminum doors in the United States to earn this recognition of energy efficiency. That same year, Heritage received the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Founders award in recognition of their decades-long commitment to the NFRC product certification program. NFRC ratings provide builders a way to reliably compare the energy efficiency of one product with another.

Unmatched performance and security

Heritage’s windows and doors are built to keep the elements out and the clean air in. Drafts, energy leakage, and heat loss are virtually eliminated thanks to Heritage’s intricate manufacturing process. This process also enables their windows to stop water, dust, and insects from entering the home. Their computer-controlled cutting and processing produces a precise fit for metal and glass. The inherent strength of aluminum enables it to resist temperature, corrosion, humidity, warping, and other factors that would cut into the lifespan of your windows and doors. Scratches, cracks, and dents are also unlikely to make an impact on aluminum frames over time.

In addition to their superior performance, Windows and doors manufactured by Heritage are known for their top-of-the-line security features. In particular, Heritage’s operating windows feature integrated multi-point or secondary lock systems. These systems enable homeowners to feel safe and comfortable knowing that their windows and doors are protecting their home from intruders.

Sustainable and energy efficient

The priorities of many homeowners have shifted towards sustainable and environmentally conscious building materials. Few materials satisfy these criteria more than aluminum. Aluminum is recyclable, sustainable, and versatile, which is why Heritage uses it as their material of choice for their windows and doors. The recyclability of aluminum ensures that frames won’t end up filling landfills or polluting the environment. Instead, aluminum frames can live on by being reused and re-purposed again and again.

When paired with insulating double-glazed glass, aluminum windows are exceptionally energy efficient. In fact, aluminum windows can reduce the carbon footprint of a home with every savings that outweigh energy input 100 times over.

Cardinal low-E glass

For over 12 years, Heritage has partnered with Cardinal Glass, a supplier that works with many top window and door manufactures in the United States. As a reflection of this partnership, Heritage uses Cardinal’s LoE-366 as the default stock glass for all of their products. This new generation of low-E glass reduces window heat gain by 64% compared to regular glass, and delivers the perfect balance of solar control and high visibility. Using this revolutionary low-E glass is one of the many sustainability initiatives that Heritage takes during the manufacturing process.

Heritage and True View

For energy-efficient products backed by unrivaled attention to detail, look no further than Heritage Windows and Doors. Contact us today and let the experts at True View bring the expert craftsmanship and innovative vision of Heritage to your home.