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Glass Dividers = A Safer Work Environment

By February 10, 2022 No Comments

COVID-19 has made us all hyper-aware of the potential for germs to be spread throughout the air. In businesses, it has changed how employees work and how they interact with customers. One common change seen across multiple industries is the installation of glass dividers as a safety measure. Glass dividers can help prevent the spread of air-borne diseases such as COVID-19, reducing the risk of spread in your workplace.

The era of social distancing isn’t likely to end any time soon, so be proactive in creating a safe work environment for your employees and customers. See how employers in multiple industries are using glass dividers in their places of employment.

Office Buildings
Prior to COVID-19 many offices were gravitating toward an open floor plan with more workstations and fewer offices. Some even adopted a hoteling system in which employees could reserve a desk for when they would be in the office, making it possible for workers to have a different neighbor each day. Glass dividers installed around these workstations provide an additional level of protection for those working in the office.

Hospitality Industry
The hospitality industry businesses—hotels, tourist attractions and more—want their guests to feel safe while visiting. Glass dividers around check-in areas offer a transparent view of employees while ensuring a barrier between the two. Glass dividers can also be used to provide separation for those waiting in line.

Retail Establishments
The most common use of glass dividers for retail establishments is surrounding cash registers. Dividers can be added easily in these situations and require little time for installation. In areas completely surrounded by glass dividers, openings and notches can be added for customers to pass products through or under the glass.

Many areas of a restaurant have the potential to utilize glass dividers. Upon entering the restaurant, the reception area or cash register can use glass dividers to provide a partition between hosts and guests. Within the restaurant, dividers can be used to separate booths or tables while still allowing diners a view of the restaurant. Finally, glass dividers may also be installed surrounding the kitchen to provide further protection while cooking.

Healthcare Facilities
Glass dividers are not a new idea in healthcare facilities, especially those that deal with infectious disease. Used to separate waiting areas, reception desks and more, these dividers are placed strategically to reduce the spread of germs. Glass dividers are easier to clean than plexiglass dividers, making them the partition of choice in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Glass dividers are versatile and durable and can easily be retrofitted to match your current workspace. For more information on installing glass dividers in your business, contact True View today.