Give the Gift of New Windows

gift of windows
The holiday season is upon us and gift-giving in on everyone’s mind. This year, consider making an investment in your house and gifting your significant other (or yourself) a whole-house window replacement. Why give the gift of windows this year?
  1. New windows give your house a fresh and updated look. Forget cracked frames, condensation between panes and peeling weather stripping. By replacing the windows in your entire house you will have a fresh, clean look both inside and out.
  2. You can personalize your windows. Trends in windows change over time. When replacing your windows, you don’t have to use the exact type that you currently have. Take time to look at all of the options available and give your home a stunning facelift.
  3. You’ll save money on energy costs. With new energy-efficient windows, external air will stay outside of your house making it less drafty. As a result, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard, and you’ll see lower energy bills. Keep track of your savings and use the money to get yourself a bonus gift in the summer!
  4. New windows mean new technology. Who says tech-focused holiday gifts have to be video gaming systems, phones, or televisions? Advances in windows technology—like security sensors and motorized integrated blinds and shades—will bring your home into the 21st century.
  5. You’ll be giving the gift of time. By replacing the windows throughout your house you’ll be saving the handyman or woman of the house time throughout the year. Rather than maintaining old, worn-down windows, he or she can reap the benefits of the new windows and enjoy spending time with loved ones instead.
True View Windows and Glass carries models and brands from the leading manufacturers and can help you find the best windows for your home. Contact us today to get started! Happy holidays from our True View family to yours.



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