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Get Your Property Ready for Summer – Now!

By February 24, 2020 No Comments

When it comes to renovations and home improvement, it’s always best think one step ahead at all times. Just like you, other property owners and managers are thinking about the repairs they need to handle before seasonal changes that can drive up energy costs. When the weather begins to warm up, the concern for tenant comfort and the cost of cooling increases, which results in many property owners seeking window and door replacement, HVAC work, insulation and other heat-protection at the same time. Wait too long, and it’s too hot and can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for tenants and workers alike. Plus, that’s when everyone else needs work quickly, so there can be delays in getting to your project.

Late winter to early spring is the perfect time to make property improvements. Not only do you beat the rush when it comes to receiving estimates and scheduling appointments, you’ll also have the work completed before the weather has a chance to impact your investment. Your tenants will be happy and comfortable, and your property values reflect timely maintenance.

What should you check? 

If you are considering making some changes to improve the efficiency of your property for summer, check areas that typically allow air to escape, or allow the warmth of the sun to bring in natural heat. Air leaks are most common around windows and doors, especially if your windows are 15+ years old. You may also want to consider having your HVAC system serviced, and check on older insulation. For businesses with large windows or offices that want to bring in natural light, sun shades are a great option.

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