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Commercial Glass

The Temporary Solution to Protect Your Employees

In a previous blog post, we wrote about the benefits of glass (partitions, drive-up windows and glass surfaces) to protect your employees and customers as we continue to navigate COVID-19 while social distancing, and even stay-at-home orders. However, we also understand that installing permanent solutions for a situation with a short, but unpredictable timeline isn’t for every business.

Essential retail spaces, auto repair shops, grocery stores and restaurants offering take-out and deliveries that are remaining open to take care of their community may not have the funds or permits to install new windows, and full glass partitions can be a lot of work to have removed in just a few months. For these situations, True View Windows & Glass is offering a more temporary solution: free-standing partitions.

Free-standing glass and polycarbonate partitions create a barrier between your employees and customers, without any difficult installations or permanent changes to walls. They are easy to sanitize and clean, and can be moved from station to station. These partitions come in two sizes: 24”x24” and 24”x36”, starting at $179.99, delivered and installed. 

Of course, True View is taking our own measures for your safety during delivery as well, which you can read about here. We are here to help keep your employees safe and healthy during this difficult time. Call us now for more information about free-standing partitions and other glass solutions.

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