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Window Tips

Five Ways to Maximize Energy Efficiency of Windows and Doors

By October 15, 2022 October 27th, 2022 No Comments

Window replacement professionalAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, leaks around windows and doors are responsible for 25–30 percent of a home’s heating and cooling energy use. That means approximately one quarter of your energy bill literally goes out the window! This doesn’t have to be the case, however. You can save money (and help the planet) by taking steps to make sure your windows and doors are as energy efficient as possible.

  1. Repair when necessary. Inspect your windows and doors at least annually. Look for cracking or chipping around the frame, condensation, and mold, and use your hand to feel for drafts. You should also check to see that the window or door closes properly. If you notice anything amiss, fix it promptly to avoid unnecessary energy loss.
  1. Replace your windows and doors with energy efficient ones. If you’re in the market for a new window or door, take a close look at the energy efficiency ratings. Windows and doors that receive an ENERGY STAR certification can reduce your household energy bill by 12 percent. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ensures that windows and doors meet ENERGY STAR standards and rates products on their U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (which measure heat loss and heat gain, respectively), visible transmittance (the amount of light let into your home), and air leakage.
  1. Add storm windows or doors. By installing storm windows or storm doors, you are adding another layer of insulation to your home. This prevents warm air from escaping in the winter and cool air from leaking out in the summer. Storm windows and doors are of most benefit to homes with older windows and doors; newer products provide the same amount of energy efficiency.
  1. Ensure proper caulking and weatherstripping. It is extremely important that windows and doors are sealed appropriately with caulking or weatherstripping to help prevent leaks. Caulking is used around stationary objects (windows) and weatherstripping is used with moveable objects (doors). If you notice that either is flaking, cracked, or disintegrating, replace it to prevent air loss.
  1. Install window coverings (and use them strategically). Curtains, blinds, and other window coverings can also help you save on your energy bills. In the winter, close your window coverings at night to stop cold air from entering the house and open them during the day to let the sun warm the house. During the summer, keep your curtains or blinds closed during the day to keep the sun out of your house.

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