Five Home Goals for 2021

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In a year when we’ve all been staying home more than ever, you’ve probably begun to notice which parts of your space you like and don’t like. If you’ve found yourself avoiding certain areas of your home, looking at your coworkers Zoom backgrounds with envy or browsing new furniture online, now is the time to make some changes to be more comfortable and enjoy your surroundings in 2021.

Here are five home goals we are making for 2021:

  1. More natural light. Sunshine and vitamin D is essential for happiness, and social distancing means that you may not be getting as much if you don’t have an outdoor space in which to relax at home. If you make one renovation in 2020, consider adding larger windows, sliding glass doors or skylights to brighten your space and bring in more natural light.
  2. A luxury bathroom. When travel and vacations are minimal, you may be missing out on a luxury hotel or resort stay with a spa-like bathroom, or even the local sauna. However, with a few changes, you can have the relaxing experience you deserve, at home! It can be as simple as upgrading your showerhead, or a full transformation with a glass shower enclosure, heated floors and new, soft towels.
  3. Clear your clutter. After spending more and more time at home, you should finally know which items you haven’t used in months or years. Unless you have sentimental reasons behind keeping them around, donating or selling old clothes, furniture and more will help clear your home and your mind.
  4. Complete maintenance tasks. Do you have a leaking sink, inefficient dryer, cracked window glass or another broken appliance around the house? Make life a little easier so you can focus on hobbies and fun at home by tackling these maintenance tasks before the new year. You’ll feel better about your space and help out local businesses.
  5. Get comfortable. Are you still working from home at your kitchen counter, or covering the couch in pillows because it’s too uncomfortable on movie night? You won’t be comfortable at home if your furniture won’t let you! It’s time for a new couch, or to set up your own dedicated home office space.

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