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Five Benefits of Glass Conference Rooms       

When it’s time to gather the team for a meeting, a conference room is the go-to spot. Modern office design often incorporates glass walled conference rooms for a variety of reasons. Find out why these see-through conference rooms make both employers and employees happy.

  1. Glass conference rooms provide a welcoming environment. The openness of a glass conference room is more inviting for employees and guests called in for a meeting. It feels less closed-in, preventing participants from feeling claustrophobic (especially during marathon meetings). The clean lines and simplicity of glass conference rooms are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  2. Natural light can permeate the office. Glass conference rooms allow more daylight to enter the office no matter where it is situated. For conference rooms situated on the exterior of a building, sunlight can shine through the glass walls onto cubicles and reception areas. On the flip side, if a conference room is located in the center of an office, it can benefit from natural light coming in from other windows throughout the office. Either way, the increase in natural light can help companies save on electricity costs.
  3. Glass walls allow for transparency. When meetings are held in plain sight of the entire office, a greater sense of trust is built among employees. What’s more, those participating in conference room meetings are more likely to stay focused and be more productive knowing that their meeting is visible to others in the office.
  4. However, they can also provide some privacy. Just because you have a glass conference room doesn’t mean there aren’t options for privacy. Glass can be tinted or frosted either on the whole surface area or in a specific design. Privacy smart glass can also be used to change the walls from transparent to opaque with the switch of a button.
  5. There are many options for creating a glass conference room. The sky is the limit when it comes to ways to configure a glass conference room. They can utilize sliding glass doors, curved glass panels or removeable partitions so the space can be customized to the business’ needs.

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