Elevate Your Office: Glass Floor Mats

glass chair mat under green rolling office chair

Whether your office has carpeting, wood floors or even vinyl flooring, you know the damage that chairs can cause over time. You’ve likely noticed that scratches that can occur in your own home just from scooting the dining chairs back once or twice a day – imagine that happening from office chairs, rolling or not, several times a day every week.

The best solution is to provide a protective layer between the chair and floor with a mat. Of course, the cheapest and most common option is plastic. However, they may not always fit your space perfectly, don’t look great, and you’ll notice after a few months of having them, they start to wear and crack. Plastic floor mats may seem like the best option, but you’ll probably have to replace them many times.

Another sleeker, more modern option is glass.

If your office is already designed with clean lines and professionalism in mind, glass chair mats will only enhance the aesthetic. If you have an open-office floor plan, glass can help the area appear more open and crowded. Like most of our other glass products, chair mats can be custom sized to fit your space, and come in several different shapes with glass so clear it doesn’t stand out.

Additionally, glass floor mats are a more environmentally-friendly choice than plastic. Plastic mats don’t last as long, and will need to be replaced when the rolling chair on carpet combination inevitably causes cracking. Glass typically holds up longer, and can be recycled if it were to break (thankfully, our mats are made from quality, strong 3/16-inch thick glass).

At True View Windows & Glass, we offer many different sizes and pricing for glass chair mats, plus free local installation and delivery! Call your nearest True View location to find out more or to place an order.


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