Customize Your Office with Glass Walls

glass office walls and doors

Now that more and more companies are having employees return to working in the office, there is a new type of adjustment to make: fitting new employees into an old space. If your company expanded during a period of time when employees were working remotely, there was no need to find office space to accommodate them, or worry about conference rooms being large enough. However, if you’re ready to make the switch back, now is the time to start thinking about changes you should make to your space. The easiest way to do this? Glass.

We’ve written before about the benefits of glass walls in an office. Glass walls can help bring that open-office feel and welcome collaboration, while giving everyone their privacy to make phone calls or close their doors when they have a big workload. The other advantage is the ability to customize your workspace more easily, without bringing in contractors for months of work redesigning a space to accommodate more employees or new ways of working.

If your new employees need an office of their own, you need more conference rooms for meetings and brainstorming sessions, or you simply don’t want the crowded look that cubicles can bring, glass walls or dividers are the perfect solution. You’ll be able to give your employees the space they need to focus and get work done as they make the (sometimes jarring) switch from working in their sweatpants to seeing coworkers in-person everyday, without putting up so many walls that your office feels like it’s suddenly smaller.

Glass doesn’t have to be crystal clear, either. There are options with tinting, frosting and etching that can create the open, light-filled space, while providing higher levels of privacy and screening.

Our expert glass fabricators and installers are experienced with a wide range of custom architectural glass solutions and the True View team can help you find exactly the right glass, supports and accessories. From glass walls to stair railings, partitions to panels, if it’s made of glass, turn to the glass professionals at True View Windows and Glass!

True View is your one-stop shop for all things commercial glass. If you’re ready to modernize your offices, give us a call today to discuss how we can help.


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