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Company is Coming! Replace Your Shower Door Today.

By November 1, 2021 No Comments
Holiday travel will be back this year, with friends and relatives making the trek to spend quality time with their loved ones. If you are hosting overnight guests this holiday season, take a look at your glass shower door and make sure it’s ready for company. Give it a good cleaning and inspect it for damage. It may be time to replace your glass shower door if you notice any of the following:
  • Glass Discoloration. Over time you may notice that your glass door develops a permanent film, stains, or becomes dingy and discolored. Consistent cleaning can help keep these mineral deposits at bay, but at a certain point, you will only achieve a clear glass look by replacing the shower door.
  • Corroded Frames. The framing of a glass shower door is important as it holds the glass in place. Years of hard water can damage the frame of the door, making it hazardous for people using the shower. Look for rusting or deteriorating framing and listen for any creaking sounds. Glass shower door frames with extreme corrosion should be replaced for safety reasons.
  • Leaking Water. Perhaps you and your family know the trick to close your shower door in just the right way to prevent leaks, but your guests certainly won’t know it. Any shower door that does not fit properly and is leaking should be repaired or replaced. This will prevent any potential water damage and keep guests safe from slippery puddles of water.
  • Cracks in the Door. While small, hairline cracks can be repaired, larger cracks often necessitate the installation of a new glass shower door. If the cracks appear near the screws or framing of the door, they will likely get worse over time and could eventually shatter.
If you’re ready for a glass shower door upgrade, install it now before holiday guests come knocking on your door. True View makes replacing your shower door quick and easy. Contact us today for your free estimate.