Choosing a Custom Commercial Entry Door

When customers walk through your door, you want them to feel welcome in your place of business. So start making your first impression with the actual door! Customize your entry door to meet the needs of your business and to set the stage for customers as they enter. When choosing a custom commercial entry door, consider the following:

What is the typical traffic flow for your business?
The type of door you need is based on how many people will be coming in and out during the course of a day. A grocery store, for instance, may require a wide door that automatically opens to allow people to enter in quick succession. An accountant’s office, however, may only need a single pane door with a handle.

What type of glass is needed?
Tempered glass is used for commercial entry doors as required by building codes. There are many additional options that provide safety and comfort for businesses. Special glass coatings can be used to reinforce the glass, block UV rays, and make doors easier to clean. These can be helpful depending upon your location and type of business.

What design options are best for your business?
For some businesses, having a clear view into their storefront is ideal, as passersby can look in at their products. Other businesses, however, may prefer to have a textured design or pattern on their entry door for privacy or for decoration. Various tints are available for glass doors, including bronze, gray, green and others. Pulls, handles and finishes can also be customized to the business.

How will the entry door be installed?
At True View Windows and Glass, our AAMA-certified technicians work with clients from design and fabrication to installation and repair. We follow the latest building requirements and regulations for all things glass, so you know you are getting a quality product. We understand that your business is your livelihood and work to ensure as little disruption as possible during the installation process.

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